3 Celebrity Beefs that shocked Africa

The Nigerian entertainment Industry comprises of a large number of people all trying to get to the top in one way or the other these celebrities try their best at what they do, they do their best to gain national, and global recognition but most times in their bid to do this they step on each other’s toes.

1. Wizkid and Skales

Wizkid started recording professional music in 2009 in the same year as Skales, the two artists started their music career well but Wizkid became more successful than Skales, it is said that it was Skales who wrote the Wizkid hit song, Azonto, the two artists fought each other after Wiz kid released the song Azonto, Skales said that he was the one that wrote the song for Wizkid but Wizkid refused to acknowledge him which caused the fight between the two.

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2. The P- square

Peter and Paul were the most envied and most successful artist in Nigeria and probably in the Whole of Africa, the two brothers went their separate ways due to family issues that both have refused to share, but from time to time we get glimpse why the two brothers separated, Jude, their brother and their producer was one of the reason for their separation.

3. Davido and Burna Boy

The beef between Davido and Burna Boy started in December 2019; this is after Davido stylishly celebrated a party when Burna Boy lost out in the Grammy Awards. Burna Boy was very surprised about the private celebration by Davido. Publicly Davido was supporting him for the Grammy Awards but privately he was praying for Burna to lose the awards, that is why Davido sacked his, then former personal assistant, because he was a very close friend of Burna Boy and possibly the assistant leaked what had happened to Burna Boy.

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