Porn-star Calls Out Davido Over Unpaid ‘Escort Services’

Popular Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, has been called out by an American porn-star identified as Darling Nicky over unpaid services.

According to Nicky, Davido contacted her for “escort services” and tried not to pay her.

She backed-up her allegations by sharing screenshots from her alleged iMessage conversation with the singer.

She tweeted;

Davido contacted me for escort services and really tried not paying me “celebrities” man.. this is exactly how you get exposed.

A friend who had worked with him referred me to him. Only after confirming with them that he paid, did I accept his invite.

I spoke to his friend who was in the room when shit went down. He and Davido contacted me the next day asking if I had friends to come with next time. I reminded his friend I was never paid.

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I sent a heart just in case he didn’t see my message with my zelle in it. This was his & my response…

& I ain’t tripping off the money I’m tripping off the respect. I’m totally cool with charging shit to the game, that’s game, sometimes that’s what SW’s have to go through, but to play you gotta pay. Someway somehow

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