INSECURITY :Resign now, Arewa Youth to Buhari

Secretary-general of the Arewa Youth Community in Asaba, Delta state, Alhaji Muktar Usman has told President Buhari to resign as he accused him of bad leadership.

Muktar who said under Buhari goverment, innocent Nigerians are being killed on a daily basis by boko Haram, while bandits have become a big business in the North, kidnapping for ransom.

Buhari should resign now as he can no longer guarantee the safety of Nigerians.

He promised heaven on earth while he was searching for power, now even in his own state, Katsina insecurity are the order of the day.

The spate at which corruption thrive is disturbing, as banditry, kidnappings are on the rise.,if he can not steer the ship of the country let someone who is capable to replace him immediately says Alhaji Muktar Usman.

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