Meet the Nigerian that trained UFC champ Jan who defeated Our Israel Adesanya

Izuagbe was born to Nigerian parents in the Polish city of Szczecin. He trained kick boxing at Gdańsk club GKSK Corpus. Due to his similarity in appearance and fighting style he is sometimes called the Polish Remy Bonjasky. He has also been inspired by Gökhan Saki.

In 2009, in the Austrian city of Villach, he won the Kickboxing World Championships gold medal in the formula K-1 Rules to 91 kg. In 2010, he became European champion in the same formula in Baku. He met the local Azeri Zamika Atakisziwa in the final.

On October 16, 2010, he made his debut as a boxer in Legionowo beaten by a first round KO Igoris Papunia from Lithuania. He fought his second professional fight on November 20, 2010, in a show in Nysa, during which he defeated Pavel Habra by technical KO in the first round.

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Ugonoh also played a wrestling cameo in the Polish movie Afonia and the bees (2009) directed by Jan Jakub Kolski.

He calls himself a “black Pole” and says that he proudly represents Poland on international arena. He often jokes that when he looks into mirror, he doesn’t know what happened, according to his skin color as ethnic Poles are Caucasians. He has a Professional record summary of 17 fights, 17 wins, and 0 losses.

Despite sharing a Nigerian root with Adesanya, Ugonoh was part of Blachowicz’s coaching crew that trained him to fight against the Nigerian.

It was a close fight that needed the judges’ decision. After five rounds, Blachowicz was unanimously declared the winner.

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The Pole rode to victory with two takedowns in the fourth and fifth round and was also aided by his abilities to evade Adesanya’s striking.

The grappling he did for those takedowns and how to cope with Adesanya’s famed kickboxing abilities were what he got from training with Ugonoh, who was specifically recruited to help take down his fellow Nigerian.In a pre-UFC 259 documentary released by the UFC, there are clips of Blachowicz and Ugonoh grappling. “Trying to imitate Israel’s style, which is not easy because he is one of the most talented strikers at the UFC,” Ugonoh said in the documentary.

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