Nigeria, my country and my fatherland,

A land flowing with milk and honey,

Nigeria is a land where planting and harvesting seasons never ceases.

Have you heard of a country with Coal, Bitumen, Oil and Gas?

Yes, that’s my country, that’s my fatherland,

And that’s where I reside.

Have you heard of a country with Timber, Gold and Iron ore?

Of course, that’s my home,

I am a citizen of this great country.

Have you heard of a country with Tin, Lead, Zinc and Salt?

Yes, we are still talking about my fatherland,

I am proud to be a citizen of this beloved country.

Why then do we live in penury?

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Why then do we feed as though we are in the desert?

These questions are crying for answers.

Nigeria, my country,

Change is possible,

A new Nigeria is possible.

We can start by being good followers, and responsible Leaders

Begin by acting right today!

By: Damilola Matilda (Facebook)

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