its unhealthy for Malami and Bawa to come from the same place – Sagay

Chairman of the Advisory Committee Against Corruption(PACAC),Itse Sagay said the newly confirmed EFCC Chairman and the Attorny-General of the Federation,Abubakar Malami are from the same place and that might be disturbing.

Itse Sagay warned that the power of the Attorny-General should be checked as not to control the activities of the anti graft angencies.

Dont be suprised that the Malami and the EFCC boss are related,but the AGF has denied ever knowing Bawa from adam.

For me,its unhealthy for the AGF and EFCC boss,Mr Bawa to come fom the same place,because the Chairman of the EFCC and EFCC are supposed to be independent.

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In the past Malami has indicated in the past to interfere in both the EFC and ICPC with the regulations he purpoted to make months ago

Malami is a politician and he has alot of politician friends who some of them have criminal case with the anti-graft agency,which he can manipulate at any given time to set them free from conviction.

Itse Sagay said AGF wielded so much power to the office of Malami thats why he will not allow the anti graft agencies to operate freely

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