Medical expert warns Edo State of hosting NSF as against lack of funds

The Edo State Gov, Godwin Obaseki on Tuesday announced to Main Organizing Committee (MOC) from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, who visited him at the government house, that the state would love to host the National Sports festival but will not be able to do so as the state lacks funds to accommodate 15,000 delegates from various states.

There is a contradictory statement as Punch news source said, medical expert warned organizers no to go ahead with the festival, as the consequence will be deadly, citing the way the coronavirus variant is spreading fast and infection rate is alarming.

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Scientists says the new variant is more deadlier than the first wave of covid-19.

Nigeria do not have the facilities to treat the virus, so we must not expose the athletes.

Medical expert advised the organizers to reschedule the event to avoid rise in contraction.

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