NNPP says Appeal Court Verdict is ridiculous

The Kano State Governor, Abba Yusuf who won the March 18 governorship elections under the umbrella of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has rejected the Appeal court judgement sacking the Governor.

The party NNPP, described the ruling of the Appeal court judgement which concurred with the judgement of the tribunal as “ridiculous”. The Appeal Court ruled that NNPP fielding Abba Yusuf to contest in the governorship elections was a breach of the ELectoral Law because he was not qualified to contest in the election.

The Appeal Court therefore declared Nasiru Gawuna of the All Progressive Congress (APC) the winner of the election.

“To say the least, we were shocked at the miscarriage of justice delivered on Friday 17th of November, 2023 on the governorship election petition of Kano State,” NNPP’s Acting National Chairman Abba Ali said when speaking to journalists at a news conference in Abuja.

The acting national chairman continued “In spite of overwhelming evidence presented to the tribunal by our team of lawyers, the tribunal passed one of the most ridiculous judgments in the history of election jurisprudence in Nigeria and unjustly declared the APC candidate, who had never joined the petition, as the winner of the election.”

“It is therefore unbelievable that the appeal court will refuse to look at the merit of our party’s appeal and cling to the erroneous issue of membership that has already been settled severally by both the appeal and Supreme Court.”