Election2023:Reno Omokri asked LP and PDP to reject results

Controversial Nigerian human right activist,Reno Omokri was seen in a viral video protesting against the just concluded presidential election that was held in February 25th 2023 that saw the APC presidential candidate,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the winner.

In the viral video Reno and other Nigerians seen chanting “our mandate we shall stand” call on all pdp and labour party members to reject the results.

The human right activist who was a heavy critics of the Labour party presidential candidate,Mr Peter Gregory Obi suddenly turn the table to now asked the Labour party flag bearer and the opposition PDP which he supports to reject the 2023 presidential election results.

Many Nigerians accused Reno Omokri as a two edged sword activist who speaks from both sides of the mouth.

Reno as always predicted that the Labour party candidates Peter Obi will come third place and that prediction came to pass.

Peter Obi is not taking it lightly as he is seeking a legal action asking the court of competent jurisdiction to stop Tinuhu from being sworn in as the President as records shows he won the presidential election.