Breaking News from Nigerians in diaspora, GCSDN

The Presidential candidate of PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has urged Nigerians in diaspora to commence protest against the controversial 2023 Presidential elections in Nigeria.

Over the years, the PDP and APC governments have deliberately denied Nigerians in diaspora the opportunity to vote and fully participate in policy making and political processes of our country.

In response to this call by Atiku, the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria wish to state as follows:

1). We have opened a register to list the names and schools attended by Nigerian politicians and political thugs abroad. This list shall include those whose parents are facing corruption cases in Nigeria.

2) Please if you know any of such students, kindly send their full names and exact schools to: *gcsdn@gcsdn.org*
We wish to officially inform their schools that they are receiving tuition fees which are proceeds of corruption, money laundry and political terrorism.

3) If you know the address of any property acquired abroad by Nigerian politicians and political terrorists, please send us their full details and exact addresses through the listed E-mail address.
We wish to officially inform foreign governments that they are receiving funds which are proceeds of corruption and political terrorism.

4). Over the years, no Nigerian political party has deemed it necessary to protest the anomalies that have turned our country into a nation of huge debts, unprecedented corruption, intense fear, rivers of blood and a field for the mass graves of our compatriots.

Therefore, we state unequivocally that, while we wait for the legal processes concerning the Presidential elections to run its full course, we refuse to protest abroad.
We advise paid PDP stooges to think twice before protesting abroad.

We call on Nigerians back home to remain calm and refrain from any action that will lead to the break down of law and order.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. Frederick Odorige
Global Coordinator,
Texas U.S.A