Elon Musk gave epic reponse to man who asked to help him run twitter

The richest man on earth and CEO of twitter,Elon Musk gave an epic response to someone who asked if he could help him run his newly  acquired twitter business.

John Legere known by his twitter name@JohnLegere pitched Elon Musk to help him run twitter although said he is expensive.

He told Elon Musk to stop managing daily business and “content moderation” and then support product/technology.

He advised him to let someone run twitter for him, the business mogul response got people laughing as he replied with capital NO.

Elon Musk who acquired twitter for $4b asked those with blue tick known as verified page to pay $8 on a monthly basis to keep the business going.

The business man said advertiser’s money can’t sustain the operation cost of the services alone