BANDIT:Gov Matawalle ordered all political activities in the state to be put on hold as bandits attacks more villages in zamfara

Governor of Zamfara state Bello Matawalle has ordered the closure of all political activities in the state as bandit’s attacks several villages in the state.

Bandits recently struck five local governments killing unspecified numbers of innocent and armless citizens which has prompt the state goverment to call for the suspension of any form of gathering and political rallies as these will help security angencies check mate any form of insecurity in the state.

Zamafa state government has done everything to curtail this menace but seems the security agencies are over stretched as no sign that banditry in the state will end anytime soon.

Matawalle has called on the people of Zamfara to be vigilant as bandits who were chased out from other forest has made the forest in Zamfara state has a safe haven.

Political gathering should be suspended for now so as to allow security agencies fish out this criminals , governor Matawalle pleads to the pubic