A Nigerian man risk being deported from UK if fails to meet up enrollment deadline,cries for financial assistant

A Nigerian leaving in United Kingdom is soliciting for financial assistant to enable him complete his enrollment of two thousand five hundred pounds else he forfeits his admission.

Chike Nwa is an indigene of Enugu State who is current ling running a master degree program in the UK said he was given 6 days to complete his enrollment or he forfeits his admission.

Chike is appealing to his fellow Nigerians to come to his aid as failure to complete his registration not only will the school authority withdraw his admission he will also be handed over to the country’s immigration officers for  deportation.

In Chike’s word “I don’t know what to do I have already spent a lot of money for this” in his  twitter handle Chike asked his followers to retweet for wider audience as he only have six days left or be deported back home