Zoomlottery: Mr P warns frudstars from using zoomlottery to defraud people

The duo of Psquare and CEO of zommupyourlife,Mr P has warned gullible Nigerians who falls cheaply for these fraudstars who used his platform to dupe participant.

Mr P said he took time to reveal the antics this fraudstars used to defraud innocent Nigerians yet you still find some people fall because they are gullible.

He said his lottery is liscenced and approved under the National Lottery Commission and no body can tanish his image

Mr Peter Okoye’s tweet below

“I own a Registered, Licensed and Approved Lottery platform


under the NATIONAL LOTTERY COMMISSION So if you are mad that I am exposing dis Fraudsters! Simply unfollow me or identify yourself for me to BLOCK YOU! no bi my image Una go tarnish! Nonsense”

Some tweeter user are yet to come to terms with Mr P as  Tony Magnus says there are more to these as some says he is a cuprit

I have tried to educate Nigerians on how to play the zoom lottery an dshow them the gimmicks these fraudstarts used in defrauding his claints yet he still get lots of complain about this dubious act perpetrated by this evil theives says Mr Peter Okoye