There is a spiriual dimension to Peter Obi’s rise- FFK

Former Aviation Minister Fani Femi Kayode has said that the Labour Party has taken a spiritual dimension, which he said will topple the opposition party any time soon.

FFK tweeted that Obi is moving fast and strong which he attributed it to spiritual as it is not ordinary

His tweet below

“Obi is moving fast & strong. There is a spiritual dimension to his rise. At this rate he & his Obidients may soon topple PDP to become Nigeria’s main opposition party. Yet the two of them put together cannot stand against the fire & fury of the BATISTS & JAGABANISTS of the APC!

The former Minister still believes that the ruling party will be victorious in the coming presidential election 2023.

He believes that with the massive turnout at Labour party 1 million match across the nation and the Peoples Democratic Party willingness to win, they are not match for the BATISTS & JAGABANISTS of the APC