We are in huge financial trouble-Obaseki

Edo State Governor,Godwin Obaseki has told Nigerians we are in huge financial troubles.

The governor who said he is an economist and investment banker have forcasted difficult days ahead as oil companies no longer invest on crude oil.

Major oil companies like Shell and Chevron who are the ones producing oil are no longer investing as much in the oil sector.

Obaseki went on to say Chevron is the worst largest investement in the wolrd in alternative fuel,while Shell is pulling out from Nigeria.

In another one year or so were are we going to get money to share in Abuja every month.

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The governor reveal that our total borrowing is close to N15trillion to N16trillion.

My worry is ,we all will wake up one day and become like Argentina,where a naira will be one thousand,two thousand and be moving.

We kept on borrowing without any means of paying back,rather everybody is looking at 2023 and we are all blaming Mr President

That change in the world economy is now affecting Nigeria,a major factor that will affect our politics going forward

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