3 Causes Of Mouth Odour You Should Know

Mouth odour also known as halistosis is a condition in which offensive to smell or bad odour comes from the mouth.

A lot of people in the world today are been affected by this condition or disease. Bad breadth or mouth odour can cause embarrassment to people in public, because immediately they open their mouth to talk people around them will have to leave or excuse them because of the bad odour coming out of their mouth.

some people with this condition don’ t even know they have it, but they will just notice that people always leave or cover their mouths whenever they talk to them.

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Mouth odour is usually caused by a lot of factors and some of these factors are

1. Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene can cause mouth odour. This occurs mostly in children, a lot of parents always leave their children to brush their teeth themselves. These children hardly knows how to brush their teeth very well, they only put tooth paste on brush and end up licking all the tooth pastes.

Poor oral hygiene can also lead to the build up of bacteria and other disease causing pathogens on the teeth.

2. Dental problem

Dental or teeth problems can also cause mouth odour. Mouth odour can be a sign of gum disease which is usually caused by build up of plague on the teeth. Bacteria can also build up on the tongue, giving the tongue an offensive smell.

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3. Other Diseases like tonsillitis, cancer, sinusitis e.t.c

Generally diseases can cause bad breadth, disease like tonsillitis, and cancer can lead to the build up or accumulation of pus on the affected area. This pus are dead cells and they always have offensive odours.

Mouth odour is not a condition that should be left untreated. Immediately you get to know you have mouth odour, consult your medical practioner for help.

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