Earlier on today, the State government took to the streets of Uyo to evict street traders who have turned reserved public places into market squares.

On several occasions, the State government had decried the devastating effects of the uncontrollable upsurge of street trading on the environment and the traders alike.

Aside from defacing the beauty of public places, street trading is injuries to traders as they have been cases of vehicles knocking down roadside traders. Public properties have depreciated as a result of undue pressure from humans at those selling points.

The situation seems to heighten on each passing day as virtually all public places in the state capital has been converted  into market squares like a crumbling society, with attendant  encumbrances on vehicular and human movement.

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In no saner clime is this obtainable nor is it excusable on whatsoever grounds, for anyone to convert any place, anyhow, to a market square.

Against the backdrops of putting an end to the menace, the State government, through the State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency, had frowned at such, today, during its campaign against the acts as they were forcefully evicted from unauthorized points in the state capital.

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