Five Things you probably did not know about Nigeria’s music artiste Davido

Place of Birth: Everyone’s place of birth has a role to play in his or her later interests in life according to popular belief.

Why Place of Birth is Important?

Whats even more important to know is Place of Birth (POB) field never changes, no matter how many passports you have, even issued by different countries. The DOB and POB values never changes for an individual and it helps to uniquely identify a person.

Despite being from Osun state, The Nigerian Music artiste was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1992. It is no wonder the popular Musician has a lot of activities that frequently takes him to Atlanta. Davido is a citizen of the United States and has acquired a holiday home in Atlanta, Georgia valued at a net worth of around 20 million dollars. Other than owning several properties in Nigeria, the landlord owns one home in the rich neighbourhood of Lekki.

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First Debut Single: A Rich man’s son Omo Baba Olowo, which means ‘a rich man’s son’ PRONOUNCED: Or-moh bahbah o-low-woh. This abbreviation was coined by Davido in his ‘Dami duro’ song. No wonder the popular musician is popularly known as O.B.O

First Record Label: Nigerian popular musician, Davido started music professionally ten years ago, but has been performing and making music since the age of 11. At 18, he set up a record label called ‘HKN Music’ jointly owned with his older brother. The saying “If you want something done, do it yourself” is what led to the birth of the label. Davido also believes that as a producer and recording artiste, he would be in the best position to create music that suits his style. When asked to choose an ideal producer to work with, he responded “…myself, because I know what I want exactly!”

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Current Fanbase:  Davido as at this day, 3rd March, 2021, boasts of over 19.2 million followers on popular social media handle; Instagram. 9million followers on Twitter, 4.2million likes on his official Facebook page.  2.2 Million Subscribers on his You-tube channel.

The Young Nigerian is making a lot of waves online. We do not expect his status to drop anytime soon.

Current Networth: $16 Million is no small money to even the richest of Nigerians.  According to Forbes magazine, Nigeria’s Davido is estimated to have amassed wealth of $16 Million. (Dollars not Naira).

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