Ghaleb Alaumary named Hushpuppi as accomplice to launder $45M-Gar Warner

Gar Warner who is a computer forensics with expertise in cybercrime, revealed that Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi actually work with a guy in Ontario,Canada,Ghaleb Alaumary

Ghaleb Alaumary named Hushppupi as one of his accomplice working with him and others whose name are still in secret to help launder $45M.

Mr Gar Warner said Ghaleb have history of crime in Canada,despite multiple arrests, his longest sentence was six months “house arrest”.

More revaltions were revealed on Ghaleb fraudulent activities has he was said to be charged in Georgia in 2019,for money laundary and theft from Regions Banks and BBVA Compass Bank.

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Some Nigerians are not happy with the ideal of publishing Hushpuppi’s name alone while other accomplice name is being kept secret says its disrespect

A twitter handler said Ghaleb is an assets to the government, selling his conspirators for plea bargain

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