Tacha’s tweet after US Capitol Police Chief announced his resignation

The US Capitol Police Chiefs, Steven Sund has resigned following wide criticism over Capitol Hill attacks.

The resignation will take effect from January 16,according to Capitol police officials.

Tacha, a Nigerian Instagram influencer and former BBNaija 2019 reaction to the resignation of the police Chief was laughable.

Tacha through her Twitter handle said “Nigeria Service  Chiefs left the group.

The Instagram influencer was referring to our service chiefs who despite the lost of human lives in the North-east could have honorably resign just as the Capitol police chief just did

There have been public outcry over Nigeria Service Chiefs to resign on the ground of incompetency.

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Lives and properties have been destroyed, while millions of Nigerians leaving in the North-east has been displaced due to incessant terrorist attack.

House of Representatives are calling for the Service Chiefs resignation but President Buhari is not ready to let go.

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